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Bah humbug....

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Although many are counting the days until Santa comes, many are counting the days until the holidays are over!   The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year.   Holiday time often causes emotional stress, financial stress and/or physical stress.  Everyone is dealing with too much to do in too little of a time frame.   If you encounter a not so happy person in the upcoming weeks, just step back and consider if they might be dealing with... Continue reading
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She's making a list...

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So, Christmas is two weeks away and you’ve got a lot of things to do. How on earth will you possibly get it all done? Well, somehow, someway it gets done doesn’t it? One way I manage to get a lot done is by making a list…more than one actually. By writing things down it (1) helps you remember all you have to do, (2) helps you organize what needs to be done and (3) gives you a sense of... Continue reading
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Paint ......$35, Wood ....... $125...

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Paint ......$35, Wood ....... $125... A husband that can whip up a bookcase in a weekend ....... PRICELESS ️️️! ... Continue reading
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