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Our Amazon Cost Just Went Up 6%!!!

Posted by on in Dollars and Sense
Planning to buy something on Amazon soon and live in Florida? Do it before May 1st and save 6%. That's right - effective May 1, Amazon will begin charging those in Florida an additional 6% for sales tax. Amazon announced they will be opening two distribution centers in Florida next month and now since they will have a physical presence in Florida they have to charge sales tax. That stinks for those of us who use Amazon, and believe me, my... Continue reading
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Don’t Let Them Bully You

Posted by on in It's Just Life
Have you ever had an insurance claim that you were denied on?  We had a recent experience with an insurance company that started out bad, got worse and ended up working to our advantage.   Bottom line -- just remember what your parents always told you -- don't let the bigger boys bully you! One of our rental houses had a water pipe break and water flooded the house.   This happened when we were between tenants.   Since nobody was living in the... Continue reading
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Technology - A Love/Hate Relationship

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I find it so incredibly frustrating when technology companies come out with updated software versions. Why can't anything be easy? This week we migrated to Outlook 2013 (yes - it is 2014!!!). Why? I'm not really sure and although it will be fine in the end - I wish we could go back! Since we migrated from Outlook 2010 to 2013 on Tuesday a whole host of issues arose! First, my phone wouldn't get the emails properly - that was fixed... Continue reading
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