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Smile – It IS Contagious

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We’ve all heard it before – smiling is contagious. But is it really? This is one experiment I think everyone should try for themselves. I’ve been doing it today and I want you to try it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I want you to walk around with a great BIG SMILE on your face. People will wonder what you are up to because you are smiling so big. Some may ask – some may just smile back at you. If they do ask,... Continue reading
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Now is the Time to Pay off Those Credit Cards!

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Now is the time to be getting out of debt.   If you have credit card debt or small loans that are carrying an interest rate above 3%, now is the time to think about paying them off/down.  How?  Many companies are offering credit cards at 0% for 18 months.   That’s almost free money!!!  Almost because you typically will have to pay a 3% advance fee.    Have you looked at your monthly credit card statements to see how much of your payment... Continue reading
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Time to Start Watching the Calories/Points...

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Well – it’s that time again ….. time to start watching the calories/points trying to reign in the numbers on the scale. While I am very fortunate in many many ways – watching my weight is not one of them. My weight is constantly fluctuating. In the last 10 months I have gained about 15 pounds. Yes, the clothes are tighter (or don’t fit) and I refuse to buy new larger ones! Many of you can relate to what I’m saying.... Continue reading
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