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It's 2017 and I am on a mission to simplify!

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  It’s a New Year so why not do some things differently….. right?   In 2017 I am on a mission to simplify – since It Is Always Something!  What am I doing today?  I have decided to schedule my bills so that I can sit down and take care of everything ONCE a month.   If you are like me, you have bills due throughout the entire month – with no two bills being due on the same day.  It’s a... Continue reading
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It Happens to the Best of Us

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Actually, at some point it will most likely happen to all of us. Yesterday we realized someone had used our credit card number to purchase $8,000 worth of eyewear and a tank of gas …. Yes, $8,000 of eye glasses and sun glasses!!! At first you are in disbelief – “How could this possibly happen?”. Then you feel violated “Why did they do this to me?”. First, realize this is happening everyday all over the world and second, it is not... Continue reading
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Our Amazon Cost Just Went Up 6%!!!

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Planning to buy something on Amazon soon and live in Florida? Do it before May 1st and save 6%. That's right - effective May 1, Amazon will begin charging those in Florida an additional 6% for sales tax. Amazon announced they will be opening two distribution centers in Florida next month and now since they will have a physical presence in Florida they have to charge sales tax. That stinks for those of us who use Amazon, and believe me, my... Continue reading
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Now is the Time to Pay off Those Credit Cards!

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Now is the time to be getting out of debt.   If you have credit card debt or small loans that are carrying an interest rate above 3%, now is the time to think about paying them off/down.  How?  Many companies are offering credit cards at 0% for 18 months.   That’s almost free money!!!  Almost because you typically will have to pay a 3% advance fee.    Have you looked at your monthly credit card statements to see how much of your payment... Continue reading
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