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Posted by on in Really???
Can I have some money …. each month ????

How long should parents support their adult child? I know there is no right answer to that question and I know that each situation must be looked at differently. I was shocked, however, to read in a recent Money magazine article that parents polled believe their children should be self-sufficient by 25, those adult children said they thought they’d be self-sufficient by 27. Really….. 25 and 27??? What happened to raising your kids to be self-sufficient adults (which last I checked was 18)?

I completely understand being there to help out in “times of need”, but did you know that 36% of the parents that were supporting adult children had no idea where their money was going – they simply gave it. 26% of those parents took on additional debt, 13% delayed buying a home or taking a vacation and another 7% postponed retirement, all to support their adult children. I am shocked by these statistics.

I won’t win the “Parent of the Year” Award based on this survey. I believed adult children should work for what they have. If they want more, they will work harder. I also believe they will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride if they do things on their own. Maybe I’m just clueless. Isn’t that the way our generation was raised? I saw something recently that read along these lines ……. “It’s not what you do for your children that matters --- it’s what you teach your children to do for themselves.” That really sums it up.

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Posted by on in Really???
Is That Growing From Your Ear???

Ok – I have to admit it …. cell phones are getting way out of control. Well the phones aren’t, the people using them are!!! There are times when it is appropriate to use your phone and there are times when it is NOT appropriate to use your phone. I was having lunch at Subway today when a woman walked in – yes, she was talking on the phone. She proceeded to talk while she waited in line, she talked while she was ordering her sub, she talked while she was waiting for her sub, talked while she paid for her sub and yes, talked all the way out the door. I could not believe she did not put that phone down for one second. Don’t people realize that was incredibly rude to the people around and even more rude to the Subway employees who were taking her order? What on earth could be so important she could not get off the phone to order lunch? Or, it if was that important, she should have stayed outside until she finished her call and then come inside and ordered. When you are in a public place, we do not want to hear your phone conversation people. Have a little courtesy and respect for others and HANG UP THE PHONE!

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Be Careful When You Flash Your Headlights!

Did you ever drive down a highway and flash your headlights at another vehicle? I just did it the other day to warn oncoming drivers of a police vehicle that was ahead of them trying to get speeders. Maybe you’ve done the same, or maybe you’ve done it to tell a car it is ok to pass or that you are yielding the right of way. Whatever the reason, we’ve probably all done it at one time or another. This was something my father taught me when he was teaching me to drive. Well….. “flashers beware”!!!! Did you know that it is illegal in some states to do just that? You can be pulled over in states like Alaska, Arizona, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington so be careful! In Florida headlight flashing is considered free speech under the First Amendment and in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that flashing one’s lights during the day to warn of speed traps IS legal. Can you believe a case like this went all the way to the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania!!! In a case in Ohio they actually debated whether the ordinance referred to a noun or a verb. Flashing lights as a noun is prohibited, flashing lights as a verb is not! Imagine being pulled over in Ohio and explaining to the officer that the act of actually flashing your lights is an action, thus a verb, and not a violation of the law! Not sure I would try that though…

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Posted by on in Really???
Do we Really Need Signs in the Bathrooms?

So, people that say “Please wash your hands before returning to work” or “Please put trash in the garbage can”. Having these signs really changes the look of the bathroom --- especially since they are more often than not grammatically incorrect!!! Also, do you really believe that by simply hanging a sign on the wall, it’s going to cause someone to wash their hands or put their garbage in the trash can?

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Posted by on in Really???
Lost Hermit Crab?

Saw this sign the other day when I was leaving my neighborhood. Really???? If I lost a hermit crab would I post a sign? Well the sign really did make me smile. I sure hope the little guy is found but as of today - the sign is still there.

All I could think was that maybe a small child was involved and they wanted to give them "hope" so they posted a lost sign. This is something we've done way too many times!!!


Tagged in: Children Love Signs
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