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Spread Too Thin?

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The common theme lately seems to be - Too much to do and not enough time to do it all. You know why this is? Because we are all spreading ourselves way too thin!!! That doesn’t cause our waist lines to be thin but it may cause our patience to be thin! Why is everyone so busy, busy, busy? Most people I know share the same thought yet we continue to “overfill” our schedules. Then, when something unplanned happens, like a... Continue reading
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Time to Start Watching the Calories/Points...

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Well – it’s that time again ….. time to start watching the calories/points trying to reign in the numbers on the scale. While I am very fortunate in many many ways – watching my weight is not one of them. My weight is constantly fluctuating. In the last 10 months I have gained about 15 pounds. Yes, the clothes are tighter (or don’t fit) and I refuse to buy new larger ones! Many of you can relate to what I’m saying.... Continue reading
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Burrrrrr - Here are Some of my Dilemmas When it's Cold.

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I really don't know how the people that live in the colder climates of this country do it. Honestly - how do you do it? And better yet - why do you do it? Yes, I'm a native Floridian and am reminded of that every time I go into the colder sections of the country. Here are some of my dilemmas when it's cold. It is so difficult to get the temperature in the house just right. It's either too cold... Continue reading
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  • Pam Van Alstyne
    Pam Van Alstyne says #
    Hats off to both of you .... or should I say hats on .... and sweaters and gloves and scarfs and socks and blankets ..... bundle u
  • Jerry
    Jerry says #
    Hate the snow and ice! The cold is easy to deal with.if it's sunny I don't mind the cold. Hate those gray days.
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer says #
    For one of those people who lives in a colder climate - I think your body adjusts, but I LOVE days like today that are 60 degrees,