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Can I have some money …. each month ????

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How long should parents support their adult child? I know there is no right answer to that question and I know that each situation must be looked at differently. I was shocked, however, to read in a recent Money magazine article that parents polled believe their children should be self-sufficient by 25, those adult children said they thought they’d be self-sufficient by 27. Really….. 25 and 27??? What happened to raising your kids to be self-sufficient adults (which last I checked... Continue reading
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Is That Growing From Your Ear???

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Ok – I have to admit it …. cell phones are getting way out of control. Well the phones aren’t, the people using them are!!! There are times when it is appropriate to use your phone and there are times when it is NOT appropriate to use your phone. I was having lunch at Subway today when a woman walked in – yes, she was talking on the phone. She proceeded to talk while she waited in line, she talked while... Continue reading
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Do we Really Need Signs in the Bathrooms?

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So, people that say “Please wash your hands before returning to work” or “Please put trash in the garbage can”. Having these signs really changes the look of the bathroom --- especially since they are more often than not grammatically incorrect!!! Also, do you really believe that by simply hanging a sign on the wall, it’s going to cause someone to wash their hands or put their garbage in the trash can?... Continue reading
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